Nikke Ankara is one of the most talented rappers of the new generation. Nikke has been blessed with an extensive vocabulary, catchy flow, and easily approachable melodies. It is these three things that have made Nikke a favorite of the entire nation.
The album "Ootsä Nähny Nikkee" was released in April 2018. Album replays, singles and the songs released with the Vain Elämää - TV show increased Nikke's streams on YouTube and Spotify to a total of more than 100 million replays. In addition to streaming services, Nikke Ankara also plays frequently on our country's largest radio channels.

Nikke Ankara - Ootsä nähny Nikkee
Album Art & Covers
Nikke Ankara - Rikkinäinen Prinsessa
Single Cover Art
Nikke Ankara Promo Photography 2018
Role: Photography, Retouch, Art Direction
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