Role: Lead Creative, Photography
Client: Elisa Oy

The team at Elisa attended the Junction Hackathon and needed strong visual presence for the event. The Junction is a community of developers, designers and entrepreneurs from around the world and the main event is Europe's biggest hackathon organized annually in Finland during the wintery month of November.
The challenge at the Hackathon was to build a spectacular customer experience for finding interesting movies that match with my interests and desires right now or in the future, via social discussions and recommendations, and other information about the movie, such as the story, actors or making of the movie, from various sources on the internet. 
The theme of the challenge being strongly about movies and series we needed to explore ways to engage people in a cool and exciting way, and it really was fun creating the visuals. Working closely with the team we went full on 80's as well as coming up with the main slogan "Go ahead, make my day" just to emphasize on making a difference and challenge developers and designers create the best experiences.
Looping advertisement for HD screens
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