Nokian Panimo had been wanting to dive in to the Energy Drink game for some time and now with their collaboration with one of Finlands biggest and well known sports fan Lärvinen the timing was right. I had done projects together with Lärvinen previously and was asked to join the super talented team for this ambitious project.
My task was to create a unique, distinctive, sharp, sporty and colorful design for the new brand. I was very excited to take this challenge, as they trusted me with a very simple brief: "The name is Be Sharp and the design needs to have some kind of lightning pattern."
The big differentiator of Be Sharp Energy Drink is that it's 100% locally produced and designed in Finland, carbon neutral, sugar-free and vitamin-C rich that challenges the traditional energy drinks not only in values but with good taste too.
The first three flavors are Original (Guarana), Lemon and Red (Red berries).

Role: Art Director
Client: Nokian Panimo
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