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Here you'll find some of the clients I’ve worked with. Some are through agencies I have worked with and some are my own clients.
Jude Buckley
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
"I loved and miss working with Jouni. He was so creative and patient. We hired him on every project and he always delivered amazing and better than expected results, when and where we needed. I would recommend to everyone and would certainly use him everytime I could in the future."
Lasse Lautsuo
Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft
"Jouni worked as part of our product marketing team focusing on creating compelling world-class visual designs to support our solution selling and storytelling. His work was highly appreciated by the team and helped us to convey our message to the customer in an impactful and memorable way.
Jouni is a solid and reliable professional with customer focused mindset. I would gladly recommend him for projects requiring expert visual design, video production and photography."
Sakari Volanen
Head of Ecosystems & Vendors, Creative Future Builder,
Elisa Software Services
"We have done so many great projects with Jouni and kept doing is allready in the future. Personnally I love to work with him and I am not the only one who is saying this. He is a international level professional geared by super great and easy going personality with good + big and warm heart pumping inside his body. When you work him, you can feel and see his passion to work what he is doing. He gets really fast a grip about ideas and always kept his promises, delivering an agile way world class quality services. He has kept surprising me and all of us every time again.
If you want to get only the best results and you are aiming high, contact Jouni. One of the greatest person in this business with whom I have been working."
Juha Paaso
Communications Manager, Culture and
Congress Center Verkatehdas
"I’ve worked with many ADs and graphic designers in the past and Jouni has been the best yet. He’s creative, talented and hard-working – and a nice guy too, which is a BIG plus of course. Jouni delivers designs that are far better than you ever dreamed, and he delivers them fast. 
If you give him enough time ahead, he’ll make the most out of it by delivering some kick-ass designs you’d never expected. If you’re tight on schedule (like you usually are) he will be cool with it and deliver whatever you need – in time. He understands both the artistic/visual and the functional needs of the client. I would recommend him to any project in a heartbeat."
Otso Palonen
People Manager, Elisa Oyj
"Jouni has helped us in several projects requiring a well-rounded creative touch, always delivering and then some. And on top of being a consummate visual professional, he is a great person and exceptionally easy to work with!"
Kari Savolainen
CEO Founder, Reactored
"Jouni has done an amazing job as a part of our visual product and brand design for our edtech startup called Reactored. Personally I’ve known Jouni for a past 5 years and it has been an huge inspiration to see how he nails his projects and makes the visions come true. Big recommendation from us! Jouni is the guy whom you should go to, if you’re looking for someone to sharpen your brand identity."